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Your documents are extremely important to you (and us), if anything is damaged or defaced for whatever reason, or you decide to change it yourself later in life, you will invalidate it and the Courts are likely to throw it out taking you back to having no valid Will in place. Don’t take the chance, store it with us, but do tell your executors where the original is kept.

We store our client’s Wills in a sprinkler protected private bank vault, in water-proof tear-proof envelopes in Leicestershire. As members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters, we have to register where our client’s Wills are kept, it is a mandatory condition of our Code of Practice. Only certain people with the right proof of identity will have access to your records (such as you and your Executors) and we are fully insured to cover reconstruction of your Wills and other documents in the event the whole building is destroyed. We offer this service for a small annual fee and in addition you get document updates free of legal charges whenever you need to make a change.

Your documents are safe with us.


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What can you do about it?

Let us talk you through the options. This is a complex issue so we will need to assess your personal situation very carefully to make sure you get the right advice.

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