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Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prepaid Funeral Plans? … read this to find out why you should have one

Okay, probably not at the top of everyone’s to do list, however taking care of your own funeral arrangements is as important as your Will. It adds certainty, directs what should happen and will remove the responsibility and burden from your closest friends and family. You will be far more likely to get the funeral you wanted.

We promote and can sell you a Golden Charter Funeral Plan, please ask us for details, here are the main facts you really need to know:

Golden Charter

has been established for over 20 years and is the UK’s leading independent funeral plan provider, with the largest network of independent funeral directors.

1. They are owned by and represent the members of SAIF (www.saif.org.uk ), this covers in excess of 2,700 independent funeral directors in the UK today.

2. All monies received for plans are held in a separate, ring fenced trust, currently standing at in excess of 290m, this provides 100% coverage on all existing plans.

3. Taking out a funeral plan is straight forward and saves you money; you specify your own arrangements, select the funeral director you want and your funeral plan takes care of the costs in advance – a sound financial decision that is a far better option than simply hanging on to your savings.

4. Did you know that the average cost of a funeral has risen by 49% in the past seven years and is predicted to increase a further 30% in the next five.

In 2010 10% of the funerals in the UK had a shortfall in funding the cost of a funeral.

a. The average shortfall was 1517.

b. In 2009 nearly 25,000 people had to borrow money to pay for funerals

c. 2010 saw an 85m total funding gap

d. More than 2,500 families had to sell belongings to cover the cost of funerals.

Golden Charter have seen an 80% increase in plan sales in the last three years, yet less than 2% of the population in the UK has a dedicated funeral plan in place compared to Spain and Holland where this figure is 80%!

Golden Charter place the plan with the Funeral Director at the time its taken out (not at death which most of our major competitors do). This ensures that the client knows exactly the who, what and where and that there are no misunderstandings. N.B. The plan can be transferred to an alternative FD if the client moves house.

The Plans offers:

i. A Guarantee of no more to pay for Funeral Director services, taking advantage of todays prices

ii. A personal, compassionate service from a local, independent Funeral Director with the peace of mind that there will be no planning or organising for the their loved ones at the time of bereavement.

iii. There are flexible payment options.

iv. Guaranteed acceptance, with no health restrictions.

v. The plans are fully transferable if the client pays by either lump sum or 12 month installment plan.

vi. All plans can be fully personalised – We will arrange this directly with the Funeral Director if you require it.

The market is becoming increasingly attractive to the 50+ age group who are keen to get their end of life planning in place, so that your next of kin cope with a hassle-free funeral, and you are likely to save money as well – your beneficiaries will thank you for it!

Ask us to explain the pricing and your options: Contact Us now.

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What can you do about it?

Let us talk you through the options. This is a complex issue so we will need to assess your personal situation very carefully to make sure you get the right advice.

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