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Guardianship of your children

Guardianship for your children

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Who would you choose to take on the Guardianship of your children?

A lot us first think about Wills when we start a family. There is that awful thought that if we die whilst they are young, who will take care of them? The easiest way is to appoint Guardians for the children, and Guardians for the money/assets in your estate (your executors and trustees).

Deciding who you would like to bring up your children isn’t going to be easy, but it is far worse to even think about the alternative, which is letting the Courts decide. There is no telling where this will be but the likelihood is foster care. Neither is there a guarantee that your children will be kept together.

Now we have cleared up that point, making a decision and talking to those you are thinking about appointing will become a lot more certain and real.

Whoever you appoint as the legal Guardians of your children, it will be vitally important that they get on with the executors and trustees you appoint. Access to the money for education, maintenance and benefit will be essential whilst they are minors. You wont want them to be out of pocket as a consequence of taking onboard the responsibility.

You may also wish to write a ‘letter of wishes’ as guidance for your Guardians, it is just that, but it will speak from the heart about your beliefs, views on life, ways of the World, how you would like them to be brought up. You can talk about the type of activities you would like them to carry on with, provide guidelines as to religion or education. Choosing someone who will follow these wishes will (I am sure you will agree) need careful thought and agreement.

Choose wisely and we will be delighted to help you with this important task.

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